Thanks very much for your thoughts, Sarah. I think it's clear my article was to show that I as well as many people don't know that much on this subject because not only is gender neutrality something that is still a very very small minority, it's also something that hasn't had that much research on either. I am part of many LGBT+ groups actually and the piece wasn't written to reflect other peoples views but my own, and specifically in relation to babies being brought up as gender neutral, and not adults choosing to be. Therefore, my opinion on the subject shouldn't be disregarded as being inferior to a non-binary person who also hasn't been raised as that but chooses it. It would be the same as saying someone who chooses religion later in life has more of a valid opinion on someone who was raised with religion over someone who wasn't. When we talk about hot button topics, it will always bring out the extreme opposite views because you are never going to get anyone to agree on these topics. My research on this subject was based on my lived experiences and not just rehashing what other people think so I can play the safe card and win over readers (something that is impossible to do with any subject as like I've already pointed out, everyone will always have different opinions). If everyone went around worrying they were going to insult someone then no one would ever say anything. Those who wish to change the opinions of others should try to educate them (as other commenters have done) and not insult them, but I guess that's where we always get it wrong in the equality stakes.

English literature & creative writing grad. Editor @ The Startup + Curious + Blank Page.

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