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English literature & creative writing grad. Editor @ Start it up (Medium’s largest active publication) + Curious (all things self-help)

How to capitalize on creativity in the passion economy

“Aren’t you worried?” My friend said, wide-eyed and open-mouthed.

I’d received the same response from everyone I’d spoken to since losing my coveted job at London’s top university days before, right in the middle of the pandemic.

In truth, I felt liberated. I’d been an employee of one company or another since I was fifteen years old. Coming from a working-class family I’d worked my way up the career ladder through sheer hard work and persistence.

Now, at the age of thirty-five, I had a moral dilemma —

I wanted a job I was passionate about, not one that just…

Self-discovery sets you on a path to do things differently.


Beliefs & Their Hidden Connection with Our Expectations

5 fun writing prompts | 7 days to submit to us

UPDATE! We have received a huge number of high-quality articles in response to our call for submissions, and would like to thank everyone who has sent us their work so far. Prompts 1, 3, and 4 have proved to be the most popular, and you can check out many of the accepted articles on our homepage now.

As originally stated, the call ends today (Monday 26th July) so if you’re still working on a piece for us or have only just seen our call now then do make sure you send your work to us by midnight tonight, Eastern Standard…

The dangers of getting attached to discipline


4 Reasons Every Successful Relationship Must Have a Growth Mindset

In 5 minutes, maybe 10, you’ll step down the road of self-awareness.


How Do You Show Up for Others?

Here’s how to stay balanced when you’re experiencing a major shift.


People Ask Me How I Obliterated Mental Illness. Here’s Exactly How.

Why you keep falling for the same type of person.


Breadth vs Depth — Which Is Your Brain Conditioned To?

Waiting for the right time is a myth.


The Straight-Talking Life Truths Worth Remembering When You Feel Lost

What our editors would love to read and publish in Curious + introducing our new relationship column

If you’ve landed here then chances are you’re interested in writing for us or you’re already a contributor and are looking for some fresh ideas.

Whether you’re new to the platform or have been writing here for a while, we’d love to read what you have to say so read on to learn more about what we’re looking to publish over the next few months.

Curious is a self-improvement publication for those who are eager to find out what others have already figured out. …

Elizabeth Dawber

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